Inheritance Law & Mediation


You will have the opportunity to express your concerns to me during an initial consultation in a courteous and confidential atmosphere at my law office in Sendlingerstraße in Munich.
Based on our meeting, I will then establish the legally relevant circumstances in close
cooperation with you, answer any general or specific legal questions you may have, and
help you to sort out any personal and emotional issues you may have in order to get to the heart of the matter. Based on the questions my goal will be to help you be able to gain and explore new perspectives for dealing with the difficult situation.
Generally, after our first conversation, you will have a good understanding about the law as it applies to your case, as well as the legal options and next steps available to you for moving forward. Once you have finished your first consultation, you will realize that these next steps are feasible, no matter how complex your situation may seem at the current moment.

For the initial consultation we require a fee of 190,- Euro net.


Last Will & Contract of Inheritance

  • Provision for Life Partner
  • Provision for Underage Children and Children with Disabilities
  • Balancing of Interests in the extended Family
  • Arrangements for the blended Family (care for a non-marital partner, inheritance rights of stepchildren and adopted children, inheritance rights of the former spouse)
  • Arrangements for children-in-law
  • Implementation of the Last Will (Execution of Will)
  • Transfer of Companies, Farms, Real Estate Holdings
  • Particulars for handling Vacation Properties, Real Estate Abroad and Other Foreign Acquisitions

Transfer of Assets during Lifetime

  • Transfer of Real Estate under Retention of Usufruct or Housing Rights
  • Tax Savings by means of Lifetime Transfers
  • Protection Measures for Transfers by means of Reversionary Clauses
  • Improvement of Retirement Provision for the Transferor
  • Prevention of Access by Social Welfare Agencies to transferred Assets
  • Preservation of Real Estate Assets in a family owned Company
  • Establishment of Foundations

Provision for the Event of Illness

  • Granting Powers of Attorney
  • Declaring treatment wishes
  • Organizing care


  • Obtain information from the Heir
  • Settle Contracts and Liabilities of the Deceased
  • Estate Distribution
  • Handle Previous Gifts from Parents
  • Joint Administration of Property#
  • Make decisions on future of Estate Objects
  • Tasks of the Executor
  • Deal with claims for Compulsory Portions
  • Interpretation and Contestation of Wills
  • Application for Inheritance Certificate
  • Real Estate and Land Register Matters
  • Liability of Inheritors towards Creditors


Large families are typically characterized by enormous diversity: Different generations, different biographies, different cultural and family backgrounds via stepchildren and spouses contribute a multitude of different interests that have to be reconciled when it comes to community issues.
As an outsider who is familiar with all of the legal requirements as well as the longevity,
intensity and complexity of family structures, I can assist you in balancing the various
interests. Our mediation meetings can take place in the presence of everyone together in the form of a round table discussion, or one on one in consecutive individual meetings.


I come from an extended Bavarian family, and together with my Romanian husband, we
have four children. I studied in Passau, Tours, Bologna, Bucharest and Munich. I have been admitted to the bar since my second state examination at the LMU in Munich in 2001, and I have specialized in inheritance law since 2010.
Ever since my training as a mediator, I have worked mainly in out-of-court settlements. In addition, for three years I have worked for the „Stiftungszentrum Law“ (Foundation Law Center) in the „Haus des Stiftens“ (House of Foundations) and provided advice on the interface between Foundation Formation and Inheritance Law.
I am qualified to perform all tasks on behalf of my clients that will help them in their
endeavors: Outwardly, I act as their representative or advocate, conduct mediation talks
with all Parties involved (Mediation), provide support behind the scene when requested,
pre-word their correspondence. Sometimes just a simple initial meeting can help them to know what to do.


In the event of family law issues arising during the consultation, I will involve my associate, Dr. Gabriele Springer, in order to work out a solution for you that is specifically tailored to Family and Inheritance Law.

Dr. Gabriele Springer
Specialist lawyer for family law


Please feel free to contact me personally and leave me a voicemail. I will get back to you on the same day or at the latest the following day. Of course you can also always send me an email. In addition, you can speak with me in French, English, Romanian and Italian, although in most cases I answer in German.

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